Is the Boating Certification I received after taking a Safe Boating America course good/valid in other states? YES. The Certification courses listed are 8-hours in length, have a proctored exam and are taught using materials approved by NASBLA- National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. Some states do require that residents of the state apply for an in-state Boating License or Certificate if you reside in that state, but if you are visiting from your home state you should be fine. It's always best to check with the state you are visiting to be certain and be sure to carry your certification card.

NYS Students: In NYS, to add an anchor to your DMV Driver's license after completing one of our classes, you need to WAIT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR PERMENANT PLASTIC CARD from the State, then visit Boater Safety Adventure License (ny.gov) and follow the instructions.
I lost my boating certification card, how do I get a replacement?

If you completed one of our NYS courses you should contact the following;

In New York, you must request a replacement certificate by filling out this form: https://parks.ny.gov/recreation/boating/documents/ReplacementCertificate.pdf and mail to the address listed on the form. Be sure to enclose your check when mailing. Call (518) 474-0445 with any additional questions. Temporary certificates cannot be replaced.

As of 2023 NYS has a new method for card/certificate replacement for the courses we offer. Visit I Lost My Card - Replace your state recreation certification card to get a replacement of your NYS Boating Safety Card.

In Connecticut, Visit HERE for the Online Sportsmans Licensing System to search for your record and reprint your certificate. If you can't find your record, you can call the Connecticut DEEP Marine Division at (860) 434-8638.

In New Jersey, Visit HERE for Instructions. (609) 882-2000.

How do I get the anchor put on my NYS Drivers License: If you're taking an upcoming course with us, we will provide you forms to easily do this by mail. If you've already taken the course with us and have a NYS boating certificate, you can visit Boater Safety Adventure License (ny.gov) to have it put on your NYS Drivers License.

If you have completed a course with another organization such as the Auxiliary or Power Squadron you should contact your Instructor since they may have offered you a different course.

What if I fail the NYS test? Less than half of one percent (less than 1 out of every 400) students don't fare well on the exam. We cover so much more during the course than is required to pass the test. But, if you fail the multiple choice exam our retest policy is simple. Go home, study the book you've been given at class and come back to be retested at any regularly scheduled class. There's no charge for retesting and you do not need to retake the course (unless you want to), just retake the test after you've had some time to study. The initial test and the retest are similar multiple choice exams. Sometimes class locations become full to capacity so please contact us at (516) 216-4410 to arrange a retest.
What if I fail the CT test? We will provide you a link to register for the retest via Zoom.

How long does it take to get my permanent certification/license from the state? 

New York: Upon successful completion of our New York classes you are issued a temporary certification good for three months. Shortly after course completion, each student will receive an email from the State of New York with a clickable link to order your permanent Certification card online and, if desired, have an anchor endorsement placed on your NYS Drivers license.

Once ordered, please allow up to 90 days to receive your card and direct all inquiries to the State. Your temporary certification is issued by us on behalf of the State and is equally as valid as your permanent card. 

Connecticut: Shortly after completed the course you can print your boating license from your computer. 


Questions about Brianna's Law in New York State can be found at https://safeboatingamerica.com/Briannas_Law.html